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Henry & Jobs' UK Ltd

C.T.U. in full collaboration with Henry & Jobs' UK LTD present the coloured flexible landscape for walkways, playgrounds, cyclist lanes and for drive ways.
C.T.U. and Henry & Jobs' UK LTD also offer the permeable landscape.
The permeable landscape technics are studied case by case, designed according to the sub base soil and to the drainage paths and drainage storage capacity.
The permeable landscape technics enables the complete management of irrigation water drainage in small villas.
The permeable landscapes are not an obstacle for water like standard landscapes. Permeable landscapes are the ideal way to manage drainage in landscapes.
C.T.U. also offers the artificial lakes lining with coloured polished concrete in addition to that C.T.U. also offers coloured polished concrete walkways.
Artificial lake made with karassocrete 
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