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Polymer Modified Asphalt 

Polymer Modified Asphalt

We are proud to introduce MacRebur to the Egyptian market hand in hand with Henry & Jobs' UK LTD.

We believe that MacRebur's stronger, greener and leaner roads with MR products from MacRebur®. Will be helpful for the Egyptian market in multiple ways.

The roads will be stronger and more stable in hotter climates, as with MacRebur's products the roads will have a massive increase in tensile strength; improved rheology​; improved cohesion and adhesion; improved fuel resistance; immensely increases asphalts resistance to character deformation and rutting; increased resistance to cracking and fatigue failures as well as increasing the life span of roads.

The roads will also be cleaner for the environment as MacRebur's products ,which are made with 100% recycled materials allowing for a reduction in the use of fossil fuels leading to a reduction in carbon footprint. Help foster a circular economy. This is done by using unwanted plastics destined for landfill and this leads to a decrease in the number of landfills again helping to foster a more circular economy.

The roads are also leaner as MR6, 8 and 10 are a more cost effective way of polymer modifying asphalt to increase its strength, durability and ultimately its lifespan.

In summary MacRebur's MR6, 8 and  10 allow for a stronger, cheaper and cleaner alternative for standard bitumen asphalt.

Coloured Asphalt

Why should you choose the coloured asphalt we provide instead of interlock blocks or standard concrete in walk ways and drive ways you ask?

Because asphalt has lower stiffness than the alternatives ensuring more comfort for both cars and pedestrians. The lower stiffness also provides a more comfortable walk and a quieter ride. That is from a comfort point of view but from a design and appearance point of view there is our wide range of colours available to choose from. Our colours can be used to make all sorts of complicated patterns leaving the design limitations to nothing but your imagination. Also if a permeable system is installed nor the walk ways or the drive ways will have visible drains. Traditionally, hardscape does not allow water to pass through it this results in various drainage issues and makes putting visible drains necessary, however by using our self-draining asphalt system, this problem will be left to the past. As our permeable hardscaping allows water to go through it and then be collected by an underground drainage system.

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