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Tanking and Tunneling

C.T.U. has got their cumulative experience in tanking and tunneling projects since 1984 starting from Metro tunneling system, Syphon tunneling system and through different buildings tanking systems in bitumen membrane and PVC membrane. C.T.U. has recently started their white box bitumen tanking system which is a new  opportunity to reduce the time schedule of the foundations and the total project execution time by a significant factor. In addition to the time consuming factor, the white box tanking system enables the complete contact adhesion between the raft and the piles without any intermediate media such as epoxy or grout.

Now a-days we use either a PVC or modified Bituminous membranes in making the waterproofing around the foundations of the building (Tanking System). The purpose of the Tanking System is to resist underground water from infiltrating the basement and causing dampness in the walls.

We recently developed and successfully applied a new type of white box systems, where only the walls are sealed with the membrane and a water-stop system. The water stop system is used alongside the membrane to make the tanking for the ground, the raft itself is a layer of non-permeable concrete and poured directly over the piles. Not only does this new system save time and money on the cost of extra material and labour, but it also results in a better contact surface between the raft and the piles. Again without any intermediate medias such as the commonly used epoxy or grout.

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