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Who we are

C.T.U., through its founder Ashraf Ayoub Hanna, has its roots in the construction company, Constraite; a company that was quite active in the construction industry in Egypt during the 1990s. Constraite was renowned in the mid to late 90’s for delivering high profile and critical projects like the waterproofing works in Cairo Metro Line 2, Elazhar Tunnel Road and a good number of projects with similar importance.


As a result of a management restructure in 2007, what was then known as Constraite later evolved to the company now known as C.T.U., solely led by Ashraf Hanna and a team of technical specialists, project leaders and various administrative support.


With its extensive background and experience in construction within the Egyptian market for more than 30 years, C.T.U. continues to deliver high quality contracting work to both public and private sector clients. Having achieved significant success in contracting, C.T.U. now embarks on a new and exciting journey into distribution.

The summary of who we are and what we offer is aptly expressed through key sectors within the industry including design, construction, roads, landscaping, pre-cast,, decorative and finishing solutions.

This background is showing one of our latest event,

The Big 5 Construct Egypt 2018

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